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Family is the most important component of our lives. It is the foundation of who we are and where we feel a sense of security. So when your family dynamics are undergoing change due to separation, divorce and child custody issues, stress and emotions run high. These events can change every aspect of your life. You need an attorney that can effectively guide you and help you plan the best possible future that the law will allow for yourself and your children. When children are involved, our office takes extra measures to ensure that their best interest is top priority. Their safety and well-being is our most important concern. With a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney, our office will help guide you through this difficult time while maintaining your privacy and confidentiality.


In Texas, no-fault divorce is the norm. To obtain a no-fault divorce, you simply state that the marriage is insupportable because of conflict or discord. However, Texas has retained several "fault" grounds for divorce which can be alleged. Although fault need not be proven to obtain a divorce, the court may consider fault in dividing the community property and in awarding custody and visitation.

For more information about Texas divorce law, including the difference between contested and uncontested divorce, please conact our office for a free consultation.

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Child Custody

In Texas, having rights and responsibilities with respect to a child is called a conservatorship. The amount of time spent with a child is called possession. Both conservatorship and possession are often at issue in a divorce or child custody matter (suit affecting the parent-child relationship).

In Texas, there are two distinct types of conservatorship — Joint Managing and Sole Managing. Texas law assumes that the parents will be joint managing conservators with one parent having primary custody. In some circumstances, particularly where there is a history of family violence, one parent may be named a sole managing conservator.

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Modification & Enforcement

A custody modification may include a modification to parental rights and duties, or visitation schedule. The court will grant a modification if there is a change in circumstances that makes the existing order impractical or impossible. A change in circumstances may include a relocation, change in job, the child's schedule, or other changes with a child or parent. If you are seeking a modification to an existing custody order or you need to defend against a proposed modification, please contact us for a consultation.

A custody enforcement case may include the enforcement of a visitation schedule or the exercise of a parental right or duty. If you are seeking to enforce an existing custody order or you need to defend against a proposed enforcement, please contact us for a consultation.

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